These Shipping Cost Applies to USA , Canada & UK. If you are from somewhere else , please reach out to us through our contact us form. We will try to come to a conclusion.

  • FREE Shipping on orders of USD $49 or more
  • USD $2.99 Shipping price on orders of USD $25 to $48.99
  • USD $6.99 Shipping price on orders of $10 to $24
  • USD $9.99 Shipping price on orders less than $9.99


Yes, we do accept returns in USA. Here is our Return Policy

1Vyraa will issue a full refund to the products damaged in the shipping. Buyers will provide valid proof for the damage within 3 days of product delivery to be eligible for this credit

2. If the products are not damaged, but if the buyers want to return them for other reasons, Vyraa will take the returns on behalf of the sellers at their USA office.  There are two options for this

     a. Vyraa generates a Return shipping label. Buyers will ship the products with this label to the Vyraa USA Headquarters to receive a full refund after deducting the To and From shipping charges, on the products that they return.

     b. Customers can pay for the return shipping charges by themselves and mail it to the Vyraa USA. Vyraa will refund the Price of the Goods minus the shipping fee the customer paid

3. The product returns would only be accepted within 14 days after the product is delivered. Please ensure that the returned products are shipped within 14 days to get the refund.

3.Returns are not accepted on Food items. But, if you are not satisfied, you will receive a refund on a case to case basis after our customer representative gets in touch with you.

3Vyraa reserves the right to refuse service to buyers who abuse the return process and to ban the buyers permanently from using Vyraa.

For other countries than USA, like Canada and UK, refunds will be dealt on a case by case basis. If there is a mistake on the behalf of Vyraa sellers, Vyraa provides a refund based on the details of the issue.